International Conference on Collective Intelligence

The Singularity Is Here

Inception: September 7, 2016

The Burke Museum
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

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Themes for ICCI Inception:

The Meta-Solution: Collective Intelligence, the key to generating:

The Holistic Solution of all the world’s problems

Radical Collective Intelligence: a holistic approach

Our Story

We, the co-sponsors of ICCI, have been working intensively on the holistic solution of the world’s problems since 2013.  We were using collective intelligence, without knowing its name.  In mid 2014 it started to dawn on us that a higher form of human-based intelligence was at work, arising from our collaborations, greatly facilitated by technologies such taxonomies, wikis, brainswarming, social networking, videoconferencing, and the Internet as a whole.  Over time, we built both theoretical and practical frameworks for what we began to call “collective intelligence” (not knowing that the term had been in use for many years).

We determined that our own usage of collective intelligence was just scratching the surface of the potential of collective intelligence.  Many questions arose, starting with who else was using collective intelligence, and how?

We took an inventory of what has been published and implemented vis-a-vis collective intelligence to date.  We then compared that with our vision of what collective intelligence could evolve to become, given the right conditions, infrastructure and community.  The comparison revealed a vast multidimensional chasm between the potential of collective intelligence, and what has been achieved to date with collective intelligence.

The race to cross the chasm was on.  The prize?  A form of collective intelligence so powerful that it would soon grow to surpass the level of intelligence needed to solve all of the world’s problems (to the extent they physically can be solved).

The MacArthur Foundation joined the race to solve the world’s problems in June 2016, with their announcement of 100&Change:  a recurring $100 million challenge to solve one world problem (at a time), which itself leverages certain elements of collective intelligence.

At the ICCI Inception on September 7, we publicly accept the MacArthur Foundation challenge, and we challenge their challenge, on the following basis:

  1. We submit that we cannot truly solve any one of the world’s mega-problems, without solving all of the world’s mega-problems, holistically.
  2. We submit that the key to solving all of the world’s problems holistically is collective intelligence.

Our Challenge to the World

We extend our challenge from the MacArthur Foundation, to the entire world:

  1. Is there a better solution (or meta-solution) to the world’s problems than developing and applying collective intelligence, to its fullest potential, to the solution of the entire set of all the world’s problems as a whole? If so, please tell us, so that we can provide you the space to share such solutions (& meta-solutions) herein.  All such proposed solutions will be posted on ICCI.
  2. Please join us in developing and implementing collective intelligence as a meta-solution to all the world’s problems: Click here to learn about joining ICCI, and the different ways in which you can participate.  It is fun, deeply satisfying, and at the present moment represents a golden opportunity for folks to become one of the early pioneers in solving the world’s problems via the highest form of terrestrial intelligence ever assembled:  collective intelligence.  You can be a part of it!

Our Invitation to You

One way to become a part of this growing collective intelligence is by applying to become a Member of ICCI.  We invite everyone to apply to become a Member.  There are no age, educational or even language requirements.  There are no costs or fees whatsoever.  All that is required to be a Member is compassion, transparency, and a shared belief in and passion for solving all of the world’s problems holistically.

On September 7, Members of ICCI will convene for the inception of ICCI:  some of us in person at the Burke Museum at the University of Washington, and others participating in the gathering virtually via videoconferencing.

Members and non-Members alike are invited to watch the presentations, panel discussions, and other events on September 7, via live video streaming, and submit questions for the speakers, all right here on, during which we will:

  • Present the grand vision of ICCI: collective intelligence holistically solving all the world’s problems, in partnership with our sponsors and guests
  • Review some of the notable implementations of collective intelligence to date, and learnings derived from these
  • Explore the various dimensions of intelligence, and take a deep dive into the chasm between the potential of collective intelligence, and what it has achieved thus far. We will explore various possible strategies for crossing the chasm, prior to doing a deep dive into one such strategy/framework, which is:
  • Explore and develop radical collective intelligence: a new approach for developing and implementing collective intelligence holistically.

Please join us! We need you, and the world needs you. If you have read this far, odds are you know how urgent this work is. It’s time.


The honored co-sponsors of ICCI:

Community Café, represented by Eric Miller
Compassionate Community, represented by Crystalynn Rodriguez
Sato Hemp, represented by the Hemperor of Japan, Takuya Sato
Radish, represented by Jamen Shively

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